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This is Essays 1743, a font by John Stracke, based on the typeface used in a 1743 English translation of Montaigne's Essays. The font is released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (see the COPYING file). At present (version 1.1), it contains normal, bold,, italic and bold italic versions of 858 characters: all of ASCII, Latin-1, and Latin Extended A; some of Latin Extended B (basically, the ones that are more or less based on Roman letters); and a variety of other characters, such as oddball punctuation, numerals, etc. Essays1743 now contains characters to support 137 languages.

Update, 20 Mar 2010: released version 1.203, which adds the rest of Unicode's 112 arrows.

Update, 17 Mar 2010: released version 1.202, which adds a few arrows, for use in Mark Pilgrim's Dive Into HTML5. (He uses Essays1743 for some marginal notes, along with arrows pointing at the text he's illustrating. Before, he was using Essays1743 text with Arial Unicode arrows. The contrast was inelegant, and I offered to help. Next I'm probably going to add more arrows, just because.)

Update, 4 Mar 2010: released version 1.100, which fixes some technical problems detected by fontforge. If the capital O previously looked like a solid circle on your Mac, this should fix it. Then, 7 Mar 2010: released version 1.2, which adds some characters suggested by fc-query, to round out some scripts.

(Side note: I recently found that Project Gutenberg has the texts of the translation in question; you can search for "Montaigne". However, note that the texts they have are apparently a different version: still the same translation, but edited and republished in 1877. Aside from that, if you really feel like it, you can download the books from Gutenberg, print them out with this font, and get an approximation of how the real thing looks. ;-)

TrueType and PostScript forms are available.

Here's a quick sample of what the normal version of the font looks like:

You can also see all the characters if you want. It's PDF, 5 pages, 370K (as of version 1.1). Note that it hasn't yet been updated with the new characters added in 1.2.


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